A downloadable Game for Windows and Android

It's an adventure game. It's a short novel. It's a short novel AND an adventure game!

The Implementors' Lunch (TIL) is a modern, graphical take of a 1980s classic Text Adventure, without all the heartache. Defeat the evil sorcerer, save the local populous and, time permitting, grab a bite to eat.


  • a fantasy plot set in the modern day* (some time during the 18th-21st century)
  • point-and-click interface, no more guessing the verb ("I've tried 'pickup', 'take' and 'get'; I just want the damn key")
  • inventory puzzles (with more than THREE item combinations)
  • RPG mechanics, NPCs and shops (buy your way to victory)
  • a fantasy story of over 40,000 words
  • over 400 interactable objects (where every object has 4 or more interactions)
  • at least 30 ways to meet your demise (and an undo button to undie)
  • change the name of any item you pick up (I smite you with my shovel, Barry Bone Breaker 2000™)

Unlike old school adventure games there is no way to get entirely stuck so experiment to your heart's content.

Can you solve the dastardly mysteries? Can get the maximum score or the good ending? Can you beat the game without resorting to a walkthrough (like we all know you're going to)?

Install instructions

Windows: Run the EXE installer, and play

Android: Install the APK / install from Play Store, and play

Kindle Fire: Install the APK

Windows savegames and INI files are stored in: %localappdata%\Implementor


Implementor-Android-1.0.4.apk 48 MB
Implementor-KindleFire-1.0.4.apk 48 MB
Implementor-Windows-1.0.4.exe 117 MB
Patch Notes v1.0.4.txt 133 kB
Implementor-GMS2Source-v1.0.4.zip 390 MB

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The game is about 98% complete, just hunting for bugs. Feel free to join me in finding them :)

The game takes about 8 hours for your first play through and, if you're so inclined, can speedrun it in about 30mins.

And we're released! Incoming emoticons in 3.. 2.. 1.. :D :D :D